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Nutrition and Foraging, Because it’s not just about what you feed them, but what they actually eat.

I had the great pleasure over the weekend to do a presentation for the  Baltimore Bird Fanciers fall show. Here is a copy of the slide show for those who were unable to attend. http://www.slideshare.net/abirdsbestlife/slideshelf   Advertisements

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Get That Parrot Playing!

Too often I hear from people that their bird does not play, or is afraid of toys, or worse yet that won’t give their parrot toys because they just destroy them and make a mess. Toys and Play are critical … Continue reading

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Holiday Parrot Toy Project, Helping People Helping Parrots

I have a request…. Most of you know I am the Maryland Education Coordinator for the Phoenix Landing Foundation, and in that capacity I sometimes do presentations to different types of groups, teaching them about parrot care. Earlier this year … Continue reading

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Fun With Foraging

Had another wonderful Phoenix Landing event over the weekend and I wanted to share the presentation with all of you. Hope you enjoy it and come away with a new idea or two. Please share some of your foraging experiences! … Continue reading

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Peat Pot Foraging Shreddding Toy

This toy combines many textures for chewing and shredding, and treats or pellets can be hidden inside the peat pot, in the loofah slice, and in the finger traps for foraging. Although it may look like a complex toy, the … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts from the Workshop

First I want to start by saying that although I will be using the word “toy”, I feel the common meaning of the word to be insufficient to convey the importance of giving captive parrots objects, items, activities, and opportunities, … Continue reading

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