Get That Parrot Playing!

Too often I hear from people that their bird does not play, or is afraid of toys, or worse yet that won’t give their parrot toys because they just destroy them and make a mess. Toys and Play are critical to the mental emotional and even physical wellbeing of our companion parrots!
Here is a copy of a presentation I did that discusses why toy and play are important, how to encourage your parrot to play more, and ideas for making your own parrot toys. I hope you enjoy it and learn something that will help enrich the life of your parrot!



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2 Responses to Get That Parrot Playing!

  1. Jessica Lebert JWL Aviary says:

    Hello.  May I share this with anyone interested ? I have a few babies ready to move into their forever homes and think you have done an awesome job on this artical.

    Jess Lebert JWL Aviary 32 Beaver Trail Mc Dougall.On P2A2W7 7059993202

    Sent from Samsung MobileA Bird’s Best Life wrote:

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