Benefits of Plants for Parrots

What a wicked winter we’ve had here in the American North East! And it’s taken quiet a toll on my garden. Even my super hardy plants, like Swiss Chard and Collard Greens are just piles of slime! But the days are getting longer and a little warmer, the geese are starting to move northward, and the robins are reappearing in the yard, so I know spring is on the way. I love spending time working in my yard, with my lovely flock watching from their sunny spot on the deck.
Whether you are an experienced gardener, a beginner, or a want to be gardener, as a parrot owner, you will find plants to be an incredibly enriching, physically and mentally, addition to their surroundings.
Here is a presentation I did all about the Benefits of Plants for Parrots for the Phoenix Landing Foundation. I hope you find some useful information in it.
Happy Gardening!

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5 Responses to Benefits of Plants for Parrots

  1. Penny Fries says:

    Can we get this in printable form? I would love to have it at hand so I can check into these plants, etc.

  2. Cherrie Cumpston says:

    What a wonderful resource for bird lovers, I have viewed and copied your information for future reference! I have begun introducing my green-cheeked conure to various greens listed in the presentation. There is initial resistance but I am determined to provide him with the best nutrition I can give him! I did not know that so many plants were of benefit and appreciate having this information available! Thank you so much!
    Cherrie Cumpston
    Parkersburg, WV

  3. plavf says:

    What is “GSE”?

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