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Nutrition and Foraging, Because it’s not just about what you feed them, but what they actually eat.

I had the great pleasure over the weekend to do a presentation for the  Baltimore Bird Fanciers fall show. Here is a copy of the slide show for those who were unable to attend. http://www.slideshare.net/abirdsbestlife/slideshelf  

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Benefits of Plants for Parrots

What a wicked winter we’ve had here in the American North East! And it’s taken quiet a toll on my garden. Even my super hardy plants, like Swiss Chard and Collard Greens are just piles of slime! But the days … Continue reading

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Flowers for Ariel (and her Flock)

Today is Ariel’s 5th birthday, and we are be celebrating with flowers for breakfast! Yes, I said flowers for breakfast. Although today is a special day, and Ariel and her flockmates are getting and extra fancy bunch of flowers, I … Continue reading

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Parrot Gardens

The other day was a wonderful warm sunny spring day, and I was lucky enough to have the afternoon off, and spent it working in my garden, with all my birdies watching me and enjoying the sunshine too. I think on … Continue reading

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