Fun With Foraging

Had another wonderful Phoenix Landing event over the weekend and I wanted to share the presentation with all of you.
Hope you enjoy it and come away with a new idea or two.
Please share some of your foraging experiences!

Special thanks to Kris Porter, David Hull,  Nyla Copp, Carina Law, Cheryl Celso, Karin Olausson, Kathy James, Sheron White Hagelston, Angela Harrison, Anna McGregor, Jennifer Slaughter, Lisa Bakalars, Leanne Burton and Debbie Russell for use of the great photos. There are a couple photos in the presentation that I could not tract down who the photographer was but they were too awesome not to use. If you see a photo that is yours, please accept my apologies and let me know which one it is so that I can give you the credit due.

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4 Responses to Fun With Foraging

  1. wiredweirdly says:

    WONDERFUL collection of pictures and information! Thank you!

  2. wiredweirdly says:

    I forgot to add – we had to teach our TAG how to forage, and now when she see’s egg cartons, Dixie cups and cardboard, she goes crazy! I love that we have helped make her a happier member of our family!

  3. Carol Kessler says:

    Thank you so much for creating this presentation! Such great ideas and even saw some things I already do, which was wonderfully validating. Thank you!

  4. Lynnette Swanson says:

    Laura, this is great information. I have added lots of these ideas for almost all of my flock and even have the book you recommend. I am also connected to the Parrot Workshop Facebook page and am constantly amazed at the skills some folks have in building for their parrots. I still have concerns about my Violet Crowned Amazon who was raised without toys, and no matter what I try – she just wants to sit. She has been chewing on her perch, so I have given her more wood toys. She watches the cockatoo, the grey, and even me play with toys but no dice, she just wants to sit and watch TV. (something my spouse loves because she watches Nascar with him). She is a quiet bird (except where food is concerned) and she has been in the household for over two years now, so she should be adjusted. She is a re-homed bird with a little baggage – afraid of hands, men, and they used spritz bottles of water to correct her, so a spray bottle scares her. We are working on the first two items. Any suggestions for getting her to play? She clings to me (I guess because of the problems from the first home), so I feel I need to work with her more to get her moving. I am also concerned because she is an Amazon and they have that reputation for being perch potatoes. Feel free to contact me by email and if you want my cell number for texting or to call, just message me on Facebook. Thanks! Lynnette

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